13 Awesome Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business

13 Awesome Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business

You are probably familiar with this business gifting option. Nevertheless, are you really familiar with the Business Rewards on Amazon?
This online super-retailer offers practically anything you can consider. And Integrating this wealth of items with your Amazon Company Account turns this seller into a golden goose for service gifting.

Plus, their well-known shipping practices can be super-handy if you need to do some last-minute shopping.

Hand-Picked Business Gifting Ideas

  • 3D Pin Art Board
    • What they’ll remember: Playing with one of these every chance they got as a kid. 
    • Wow factor: Nostalgia. They won’t believe they finally own one of these. (These boards also up the fun factor of any desk.) 
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
  • Retro Non-Ticking Desk Clock
    • What they’ll remember: Opening this unique gift and thinking—just for a second—that you stole this from Grandma’s house. 
    • Wow factor: Quiet. This cool clock doesn’t come along with the maddening ticking of other vintage and vintage-inspired models. 
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
  • Fred and Friends Themed Push Pins
    • What they’ll remember: Wondering what on earth you gave them before realizing they’re holding adorable and practical push pins. 
    • Wow factor: Multitasking. Available in sushi, donut, and pomegranate themes, these push pins liven up a desk space while also storing practical push pins.  
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
  • Tiny Survival Guide
    • What they’ll remember: The thousand moments they thought they should probably get something like this, just in case.
    • Wow factor: Preparedness. This card-sized guide boosts preparedness without intense training or drills. 
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
  • Puzzle Exercise Mat
    • What they’ll remember: Thinking this might be the best gift they ever received when they’re about halfway through a HIIT routine in their living room. 
    • Wow factor: Simplicity. Just changing a floor’s surface can turn any space into a gym space. 
  • Oxford Fabric Backpack
    • What they’ll remember: How they once saw a stylish student wearing a bag just like this.
    • Wow factor: Timelessness. This bag is perfect for any age, any gender, and any occasion. 
  • Perfect Push-Up Stand
    • What they’ll remember: Feeling like they’ve never truly done a push-up before now.
    • Wow factor: Health. This little gift enables employees to perfect one of the most simple and effective exercises out there. 

More Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business

Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
  • Lap Harp
    • What they’ll remember: The joy of plucking out their first tune.
    • Wow factor: Creativity. This simple instrument will have even non-musical people flexing creative muscles they didn’t know they had. 
  • Mancala Game
    • What they’ll remember: How much they used to love this game.
    • Wow factor: Elegance. This game is as fun as any other board game, but it looks way more impressive sitting on a side table.
  • MoMa Abstraction Note Cards
    • What they’ll remember: How thoughtful you are, each time they realize they actually have the perfect stationary for that little note they need to send. 
    • Wow factor: Style. These note cards sport prints of famous modern artwork. 
  • Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband  
    • What they’ll remember: Using this headband to complete their first truly perfect meditation. 
    • Wow, factor: Futuristic. A brain-sensing headband is just about as futuristic as a virtual reality device. 
  • Balance Board Trainer
    • What they’ll remember: Having fun, tightening their core, and maybe pretending to surf. 
    • Wow factor: Minimalism. This little fitness tool fits neatly in a closet, but it facilitates as much solid working out as other equipment. 
  • Byredo Gypsy Water Unisex Fragrance
    • What they’ll remember: Getting goosebumps as they take the first whiff of their new favorite fragrance. 
    • Wow, factor: Sensuous. This fragrance captivates the senses with the essence of a woody forest with fresh, bright undertones. 
  • 2019 Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction – The Overstory by Richard Powers
    • What they’ll remember: Getting lost in a world of trees with a talented author. 
    • Wow factor: Culture. Reading one of this year’s most acclaimed novels will inspire a sense of connection to the broader culture. 
  • Culinary Sous Vide
    • What they’ll remember: Presenting their first chef-quality meal. 
    • Wow factor: Precision. The high-tech controls make it possible to control cook time and temperature with chef precision. 
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business
  • Solid Cherry 9 Inch Chopping Bowl and Mezzaluna Knife Set
    • What they’ll remember: The easy and stress-free—almost relaxing—the experience of achieving that perfect mince. 
    • Wow factor: Ease. This gift truly makes everyday life in the kitchen easier. 
  • Aeroccino3 Milk Frother
    • What they’ll remember: Being overjoyed to finally receive a device that will produce barista-style beverages. 
    • Wow, factor: Useful. They’ll probably use this device every day—or at least every week. 
Business Gifting Ideas With Amazon Business

Wow factor: Wonder. A truly covetable coffee-table book, this tome delivers breathtaking photographs and fascinating facts

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