The Christmas Giveaway On Prime-Gifts


Enjoy Our Christmas Giveaway

Here is what other customers say about these products, and we’re extremely happy we were able to help them. Therefore, waste no time and join our Christmas Giveaway right now.

All offers are limited to our store. Besides, you can enjoy secure signup options and our customer-friendly support. We use the email used for registration to notify the winner. So, use your best email address to register. Lastly, if you have any questions, contact our support team.

How our Christmas Giveaway works

We will post below very easy to answer product-specific multiple-choice questions.

Here is a example:

Question ” What does the talking Hamster sell for?”


  • A: $32
  • B: $41
  • C: $59

Hint: You find the answer in our store!


Next we will post on Instagram & Facebook our New Question with the following Image

Answer or Join to win at

You will have to choose your answer and submit it.

By the end of each week we will collect all correct answers.

And every other week we will draw a winner for our Giveaway & Notify him/her

After the price is claimed; We also will post the winner (user name) and a giveaway image

We’re proud to offer you a rich collection of Christmas Giveaway.

Our giveaway prizes are:

  • Store Coupon
  • Reward Points
  • Products

Are you ready to play? Get started by Signing Up!

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How To Play Our Christmas Giveaway?


Option 1:

Signup and wait for your email with a temporary password. (If you don’t get one after 2 days let me know.)
We will add your e-mail address manually that may take a day, you can test if you are included by “clicking lost password

Option 2:

Here is a TRICK For faster inclusion:

  1. go shop;
  2. Place a product into your cart,
  3. Click checkout.
  4. Next you fill out your order form (email and name and password) but
  5. Abandon the cart. Unless you really want to purchase the item.

That should give you my account access with password right away

NEXT you need to follow us on Facebook and /or Instagram to receive a notification when we post a new question.


  1. Come back to this page
  2. Scroll down till you see in red letters PLAY HERE!
  3. click the start button in the box
  4. check mark your answer
  5. click see results

When everything went well you will be transferred to the Christmas Shop

That’s it And Good Luck

Answer the New Questions below….

GOOD Luck To All of you!!!


[ays_quiz id=’3′]

Click Start … You will find the question, answers and a hint inside!

To qualify for the drawing you need to answer our easy product questions correctly

You must have been registered so we can notify you when you won.

Use Facebook Login

Need a Password?

Still problems? Send [email protected] an e-mail and we hook you up.

Enjoy Future Giveaway’s

If you’re a Fan of coupons and sales, you’ll be glad to learn about our frequent discounts and promotions. So, don’t miss your chance to acquire something lovely for a surprisingly low price!

Further, if you not already done so, you should join our Reward Points Program where you can collect money-saving points all year long. Did you know? That you get 30 points just for joining or free points for your Birthday? Yes, we even give away points for things you do around our website; like filling out your Customer Survey after you received your order.

We also give away Rewards Points for Sharing our site with your friends if they register with us. And those points are in addition to our coupon that you receive for your first order.

Furthermore, there will lots of additional events in other areas of our site, so make sure to check Interests, Mothers Day Gifts, or another category as well.

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