Grow Over 1 Inch w/ Prime Invisible Height Increase Insoles

Grow Over 1 Inch w/ Prime Invisible Height Increase Insoles
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    What Is Are Prime Invisible Height Increase Insoles?

    Prime invisible height increase insoles are inserts that fit inside your shoe. So that you can use them to help increase your height artificially. Some go directly on your feet, while others are made to sit inside the show. It does not require any special equipment or pair of shoes; you simply slide the insole into your shoe where the original insole was or wear it around your ankle. Now, you have a discreet method to add a little extra growth to your height.

    Grow Over 1 Inch w/ Prime Invisible Height Increase Insoles
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    If you reading this you probably already know, that there are many things you can try to make yourself a little taller. The options vary from eating certain foods to working on your posture, and outfits that could make you seem taller. Unfortunately, it is never enough. It is not unusual for those looking to add some height to their stance to try a height growth product, height supplement, or even surgery to try and achieve more height! But this all might be a bit too extreme.

    If you have always wanted to be just a little bit taller. A little boost of height and confidence can really go a long way! Whether you are on the shorter side, or are just looking to add a bit of lift, a pair of height-increasing insoles can significantly improve your stature.

    While most insoles may appear to make you a bit taller, they won’t add any height to your stature. Height growth is only noticed with insoles that are specifically designed to increase your height.

    About Invisible Height Increase Insoles

    I have found that all height insoles are a little different. Those that replace your shoe’s original insole are usually sized to fit you from your toes to your heel. These insoles have a flat toe area with a thick, raised heel at the base of the back. For these kinds of insoles, it is essential to check that there is an actual lift and that they are not regular insoles that simply look like they may add some height. I have unfortunately made this mistake before.

    The other common type of height insole is worn around your feet rather than placed inside your shoe. These are usually made out of some form of silicone or another composite material. These insoles slide onto your feet and fit along the ankle and the back of the foot. The extra height is created at the back of the foot by the heel. These insoles have a small and inconspicuous lift at the base of the insole. I have always preferred these insoles to other types because they fit snuggly, don’t wiggle around in your shoes, and they add just the right amount of height.

    Did You Know….

    Having a good pair of invisible height increase insoles is about much more than just adding an inch or two. In traditional Chinese medicine, the feet are referred to as the second heart of the human body, which is where the practice of acupuncture originated from. There are over 24 reflective zones on the soles of your feet that are directly related to the function and circulation of your organs.

    foot sols reflex zones

    Not having enough support for your feet can have lasting health impacts that stretch far beyond your toes, heels, and even your legs. Insufficient support in the feet can lead to decreased balance, uncomfortable pressure, and even create a damp environment that promotes bacteria and fungi’ growth.

    Think of your feet like the roots of a tree – the healthier and stronger the roots, the tree experiences better health. The right pair of insoles can assist in remedying many of these problems that are either directly or indirectly related to your feet.

    Invisible Height Increase Insoles

    Being taller does not have to be something you can only wish for, but choosing the right insoles is very important! I have found many features in the Prime Height Increase that make them a premium option for those considering a pair of new height-increasing insoles. Knowing not only how they can help you add a few inches to your stature but also how they contribute to the overall health and comfort of your feet is crucial information to have before making a decision. I made sure to do my research before buying into anything to help me seem taller.

    What They Are Made Of

    About Height Increase Insoles

    Before I try any new product, I like to make sure that they are (1) going to do what I need them to and (2) going to benefit me or my health. The Prime Height Increase Insoles are created with a high-quality and incredibly soft silicone gel. Once they are on, they feel like a second skin! These height boosters are mainly designed with air holes that allow for proper ventilation within the foot. Not only does this create breathable wear without any stuffiness, but it also helps to keep my feet dry while I am busy running around all day.

    The actual design of these insoles is incredibly comfortable and allows me to wear them all day without any unwanted side effects. The rounded edges of the insoles are very skin-friendly and didn’t cause me to get any calluses or scabs while wearing them. Another important element is their anti-slip design. I have been able to run and walk without any slipping or wear-and-tear in my shoes or insoles.

    The Prime Invisible Height Increase Insoles silicone construction is also useful in ensuring the life of the inserts. These insoles will be able to last longer and withstand incredible amounts of wear and tear. I have never had to worry about my insoles becoming damaged or deformed thanks to the elite craftsmanship between each and every pair.

    Who Can Wear The Prime Height Increase Insoles?

    These height-increasing insoles are created for both men and women. They go directly on your foot and fit a variety of shoes. Once your shoes are on, these insoles are practically invisible! No one has ever been able to tell that I am wearing them underneath my shoes and socks, but I still appear to be 1.25 inches taller – it’s fantastic! The subtle lift is perfect for anyone and is sure to add just the right amount of height for any wearer.

    How To Wear Them

    The Prime Height Increase Insoles are an easy and effective solution to incorporate into your daily routine. They fit almost any closed-toe show, including fashion sneakers, athletic sneakers, flats, and boots. The straightforward design of these insoles makes them exceptionally easy to put on and wear throughout the day. First, you clean and dry your feet to ensure that the insoles will glide over your feet with ease.

    How to wear Height Increase Insoles

    Once your feet are clean and dry, you are going to put your foot through each hole of the insole. Take your time to adjust it and make sure that it is properly fitted and in a comfortable position. After you are happy with how your foot is situated within the insole, you can put on a pair of socks. Now, you are ready to put on your shoe and go about your day!

    How Are Prime Invisible Height Increase Insoles Different?

    You may wonder how these insoles are any different from the ones that you see at your local pharmacy or supermarket. The truth is that they are much more suited for comfort and effectiveness. I have never been able to find something as good at my local drug store. I have been able to find flat insoles that are made for a number of reasons and health-related causes. I have also seen many other types of height-increasing insoles, most likely ones that resemble the regular, flat insoles. This kind of height-growing insole is created to fit inside your shoe and can be worn like any other insert.

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    The reason I prefer the Prime Height Increase Insoles is that they fit directly onto your feet. This means that you don’t have to measure them out and trim them to fit into your shoes. You also won’t have to worry about whether or not they will fit inside multiple pairs of your shoes. Because they are worn directly on your foot, they can be worn with any shoe. Of course, it is best to wear them with a modest and closed-toe shoes to ensure that they can be worn discreetly. For those who wear a few different shoes throughout the day, you will able to easily hop out of one pair and into the next with a couple of insoles that are made to fit various types and brands of shoes.

    What Are The Advantages Of Height Increasing Insoles?

    I have found many incredible benefits to using height-increasing insoles. Insoles that enhance your height have many advantages that are primarily related to increased self-esteem and self-confidence. They are an effective way to quickly and conveniently increase your height without using any noticeable or bulky methods such as height enhancing shoes. Within minutes, you will be able to put on your height-increasing insoles, slip on your favorite pair of shoes that you are already comfortable wearing, and be out the door and your way!

    These insoles are great for making an excellent first impression on a date or at other social gatherings. When I am not feeling confident, I am more likely to shy away from mingling with others and enjoying social activities such as parties, nightclubs, bars, and entertainment events. If you are worried about your height around others, a simple fix that adds a quick inch or two is a great way to ensure that you are more comfortable in a crowd. You will be able to socialize and mingle with others without any feelings of anxiety or self-consciousness.

    For the same reason, these insoles are fantastic to use during professional meetings with employers, clients, and team members. While it may be a bit silly, we tend to show more respect to those who are taller. In a situation where you need to command your peers’ respect and attention, an insole that enhances your height is a great way to take ownership of the room and people around you. The best part is that no one will have any idea that you are wearing something to make you seem taller.

    Another often overlooked advantage of height-increasing insoles is how they can help those who have uneven legs. This is a condition that is relatively common and usually is unnoticeable, and does not cause any issues to a person’s health. However, something with a leg that is a little of a hair shorter than the other can have serious health consequences. Depending on the severity of the unevenness, wearing a height-enhancing insole on the shorter leg can help improve balance and reverse many undesirable effects and health conditions caused by uneven legs.


    Height enhancing insoles, like the Prime Height Increase Insoles, is a great way to add a bit of height to your stature, whether for cosmetic reasons or health-related causes. They have quickly and easily helped me achieve the taller height that I hope to attain without any harmful supplements or medical procedures. This insole allows you to discreetly add height and give you a much-need confidence boost if you feel like you have been lacking.

    While there is plenty of height-enhancing insoles on the market, a pair like these are much more convenient than other types. Rather than having a pair that you have to keep with only a single set of shoes, why not opt for the Prime Height Increase Insoles that fit around your feet? This way, you can put them on and wear them with any, and as many shoes, you would like. This is an easy choice to make!

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