The Montessori Toy Guide of Educational Preschool Games

Montessori Toy Guide

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Early age playing with letters, numbers, and shapes will help to introduce your little one to preschool essentials. Watch your child learn with captivating games from our Montessori toy guide that your little one will love to play

The Montessori Toy Guide of Educational Preschool Games

In this post, we are going to cover the perfect Montessori toys for every age group from newborns to toddlers, including:

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    The Ultimate Montessori Toy Guide

    As you enter into the world of the Montessori approach, it can be a challenge to figure out which types of toys and products that you should use for your home and for your children. If you’re looking to take a more educational approach that encourages your child to expand their creativity and critical thinking skills. Knowing how to choose the best Montessori toys will ensure that your child is getting the most out of their playtime.

    The greatest thing about Montessori toys is that your children will love them, as well! Simplicity goes a very long way when it comes to this style of parenting and child-rearing approach. This ultimate guide Montessori toys will help you pick out those that will spark the most imagination and joy in your children. After all, while toys may signal playtime for your little ones, they are also essential tools used to help further their childhood development

    The most fantastic toys are not just the ones that are educational but are also a whole lot of fun!

    But first, let’s take a quick dive into what makes a toy a Montessori toy.

    What Is A Montessori Toy?

    Before we begin to explore the best Montessori toys to get for your children, I want to help you understand what makes a toy a Montessori toy. As you become more familiar with this word’s definition, you will be able to pick and purchase your own Montessori toys right off the cuff. No need to whip out that iPhone the next time you’re strolling through a Target or another store’s toy aisle with a bunch of kids in the cart!

    Simply put, a Montessori Toy helps to promote engagement from within your child while serving a strong educational purpose. Rather than only providing entertainment or a distraction, Montessori toys aim to immerse your child into their playtime so that they get the most value from it. This means that Montessori toys are never battery-operated. These toys are simply much too distracting.

    You may often find that Montessori toys are usually referred to as an activity. After all, a toy is something that you play with, while an activity is something that you do or perform. Contrary to popular opinion, this does not mean that Montessori toys are boring or less fun for your child. In fact, I would say the exact opposite is true. Toys and activities that fall under the Montessori definition are incredibly engaging and will keep your kids absorbed and having fun for hours on end. The style of these toys ranges from activities that promote fine motor skills to musical instruments, artworks, and even baby dolls. A primary characteristic of a Montessori toy for babies and toddlers is that each one focuses only on one concept or skill at a time.

    0+ Month Montessori Toys

    If you have ever tried to buy a gift for a newborn that isn’t related to clothing or baby care, then you know that it can be incredibly difficult to find toys that are well-suited for this age group. Though babies do not play with as many different kinds of toys as a toddler would, it is still essential to expose them to playtime to ensure proper development. Listed below, you will find some of the best Montessori toys for infants.

    Manhattan Toy Skwish Rattle

    The Montessori Toy Guide of Educational Preschool Games - Manhattan Skwish Rattle

    This classic rattle doubles as a teether, making it a perfect first Montessori toy for your new baby. As it is lightweight and easy to handle, this uniquely shaped toy is simple for even the tiniest of hands to latch onto and explore. The squishy structure provides a safe playing experience, while the soft rattling noises help to keep your little one engaged. This one is made from all-natural rubberwood, so you can rest assured knowing that your baby is playing with a toy that is completely non-toxic and does not contain any chemicals. The multi-award-winning, design has been a tried-and-true baby pleaser and was nominated as one of the Best 25 Toys of the last 25 Years by Parents Choice.

    A Wooden Baby Gym Or Mobile

    Montessori Toy Little Dove Mobile

    Babies are enthralled with bold, contrasting colors that catch and direct their attention. This is why baby mobiles and gyms with hanging toys and elements are fantastic for their visual developments. While some parents do not like the idea of a mobile hanging above their infants’ crib while they are sleeping, you can still engage your baby with a play gym. These toys let your child reach, turn, kick, and grasp for hanging items, which help to develop their fine and gross motor skills, as well as their hand-eye coordination. Most Montessori mobile and baby gyms are simple and made from wood, although it is not necessary. Order it here

    Wooden Rattles

    Montessori Toy Wooden Rattle

    While many of us use rattles as a means to distract or deflect our baby’s attention when they are feeling disturbed, these toys actually bring a great deal of value to their development. Rattles offer much more than entertainment as they help to teach your baby visual tracking when you move it in front of them, and it helps them develop their grasping reflex and they’re fine motor skills. Wooden rattles are an excellent option for an infant’s Montessori toy. The wood is an added benefit in comparison to typical plastic rattles. Order Here

    High Contrast Picture Books Or Flashcards

    Montessori Toy High Contrast Flash Cards

    Reading is a beneficial activity for children of any age, but it tends to go unrecognized for newborns and infants. High contrast images, such as the black and white ones shown here, are perfect for younger babies. Infants may not have enough visual development to see many different colors, but they can see black, white, and grey – which makes these high-contrast black and white images much more stimulating and engaging. These Montessori toys are supposed to help increase their concentration skills and attention span while supporting the growth of the optic nerve. Get More Details

    Soft And Sensory Balls  

    Montessori Toy Sensory Balls

    Your baby gains much more grabbing and holding ono sensory items than most people know. Holding onto soft, cloth-covered balls helps to develop their hand-eye coordination, tracking, and transferring the ball as they grasp it and pass it between their hands. Another great option to keep handy is textured sensory balls. Using these are also very effective to encourage movement during tummy time! As your baby pushes or rolls their ball forward, they will try to reach out for it. You can find those here!

    Wooden Stackers

    Montessori Toy Wood Stacker

    Any Montessori toy should have a distinct purpose. Wooden stacking toys have several, and they all provided added benefits to your child’s development. Not only are these toys easy to handle, engaging, and very bright, but they actually help to introduce basic math concepts before your child even makes it into daycare or preschool. Stacking toys help to helps early mathematical concepts by introducing your little one to conceptual differences between shapes, sizes, and sorting. One of the greatest advantages of this toy is that it can be used well into your child’s toddler years, and they will continue to build on the knowledge that they gain from it. Visit the Product Page

    Wooden Teethers

    wood teether

    All parents know that as their little one starts to explore the world around them, everything ends up in their mouth. This is how babies learn more about their surroundings! I know that when those little teeth start poking through, they love picking up the nearest thing to chew on – it helps to soothe the pain. While it may not seem like much of a toy, and Montessori teether provides benefits beyond helping to take away the pain of sore gums. These wooden teethers help to develop your baby’s motor skills, grasping reflex, and even their coordination as they shake the toys to hear the subtle and gentle sounds. True to the Montessori approach, these teethers are made with all-natural wood so that you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals making their way into your child’s system. Shop Here

    6+ Month Montessori Toys

    It is so exciting to watch your baby become more curious about their surroundings and the world around them! As they grow into the six-month stage, children become much more interested in the things that they see and hear. This is when babies start to become much more curious and alert. The perfect Montessori toys for children in this age group will continue to help develop their awareness while also fostering more interactive play.

    Textured Balls

    Montessori Toy Textured Balls

    A slight evolution from the toy balls mentioned in the previous age group, if your child is over the age of six months, these are perfect for furthering their sensory skills. The balls come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors to really engage your child’s attention and imagination during playtime. They are also great if you and your family are constantly on the go. All you have to is pop a few in your diaper bag, and your child will surely be occupied no matter where you take them. The various textures of these toys are fantastic for sensory play, and as your little one gets older, they can use them for more interactive games such as catch, soccer, and even hockey! Shop here!

    Baby-Safe Acrylic Mirrors

    baby Safe Mirror

    Baby-safe Acrylic Mirrors are a great addition to any playroom and can be introduced prior to the six-month mark if you are comfortable with it in relation to your baby’s safety. As your baby just starts to get introduced to their sense of self, a mirror will genuinely help them to develop this sense of self-awareness. Mirrors are also fantastic for tummy time and can help your baby stay engaged with this activity for more extended periods of time as their reflection demands their attention and helps to keep them busy and interested. Baby-safe mirrors are also useful in helping to develop their gross motor skills, and they encourage your baby to crawl, sit up, stand, and continue to physically interact with the mirror. You can order it here

    Object Permanence Box

    Object Permanence Box

    Those who are somewhat familiar with the Montessori method or have begun to undergo their own research will likely recognize this toy as it is a Montessori staple. This baby toy is recommended for little ones around the eight-month mark. What is particularly fascinating about this toy is that it helps your baby begin to understand that objects still exist even when they aren’t visible. To use, your baby will place that large wooden ball into the hole at the top of the box. As it drops into the box, it momentarily disappears before reappearing as it rolls into the tray. Other skills improved by this toy included hand-eye coordination, focus, concentration, and fine motor skills.

    Musical Instruments

    Montessori Noise toys 

Musical Instruments

    I hope you and your partner are ready for the house to get noisy! While Montessori toys do not include anything that is battery-operated, that doesn’t mean that they don’t explore the ins and outs of sound and how to make it. Picking up a set of wooden musical instruments provides the quintessential Montessori toy. Your baby will get a kick out of the noisemaking toys like tambourines, shakers, and maracas. Studies have demonstrated that musical instruments help to build more pathways within the brain, which helps to speed up your little one’s brain development! These fun instruments also help to build fine and gross motor skills as kids pick up and shake the toys! ORDER HERE!

    Wooden Puzzles

    Montessori Toy Wood Puzzle

    Puzzles make a fantastic addition to your child’s toy collection as they continue to develop their hand-eye coordination and their awareness of the things going on around and right in front of them. While puzzles make great toys for children of any age, the six-month point is a great time to introduce them to your baby’s daily activities. Choosing a simple puzzle is best for beginners. The Montessori puzzle pictured is an amazing example. A few easy shapes with recognizable colors help to teach your baby to grasp and remove the pieces from the puzzles. As your child takes a more interactive role in their puzzle playtime, feel free to jump in and play with them! As they remove pieces from the puzzle board, return them so that they can keep the activity going.

    Galt Pop-Up Toy

    Galt Pop-Up Toy

    Designed to encourage hand-eye coordination and introduce color awareness, the Galt Pop-Up Toy is a staple Montessori toy. This amusing pop-up wooden toy includes four color figures that pop up and down via a set of concealed springs. Your little ones can explore and engage with this toy by placing the wooden figures into the corresponding color slot and will find joy and entertainment out of watching them spring back up! Depending on your child’s unique speed of development, this may be a better match for children between nine and twelve months.

    Wooden Toy With Mallet

    MoWooden Toy With Malletntessori Toy -

    Another great Montessori toy intended for children who are at the older end of this age group is a wooden mallet with punching blocks. Additionally, this toy helps to develop fine motor skills such as manipulation, agility, and arm movement. This toy helps your baby develop their understanding of how objects react with one another, as well as the results of their actions. This is a durable and safe toy for babies who are around seven months and older – remember, all of our children develop at a different rate, and it is completely for you to decide what is or is not safe for your little one to play with. Your baby will happily interact with this toy as they pick up the mallet and hammer down the colorful blocks!

    12+ Month Montessori Toys

    As your baby comes closer to being a toddler, they start to develop many more skills that make playtime that much more fun and exciting! As little ones begin to stand and walk around this age, their toy options really begin to expand. A few things you can start to expect from your baby at this stage are refined grasp and hand-eye coordination, more movement of their body, an explosion of language skills and interaction, and development of some practical skills. Here are some of the Montessori toys that they will be most likely to enjoy.

    Montessori Coin Box

    Montessori Coin Box

    True to the Montessori nature, this toy is visually simple, yet stimulating, and very intellectually engaging. A slightly more evolved version of a permanence box, this toy helps your child learn more about knowing that something is there even when they can’t see it. It also helps to continue their development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With the coin box, your baby will continue to advance refined movements such as hand, wrist, and finer control.

    Life Like Baby Dolls

    Life Like Baby Dolls

    Baby dolls are excellent toys for teaching your little ones how to progress their social-emotional language and self-help skills. If you plan on growing your family, this can be an excellent tool for teaching older siblings how to prepare for a new baby. You can join playtime with your little and their baby doll to help them better understand and practice real-life skills such as dressing, feeding, bathing, and showing affection. While this toy may not look like many of the other toys on this list, it is true to the Montessori approach engages your child and helps them to develop skills that they will continue to advance and use throughout their life.

    Wooden Pull Toys

    Montessori Wooden Pull Toys

    A pull toy is an excellent activity for toddlers who are starting to walk around more! Not only will they enjoy pulling around their toy as they move throughout your home, but this toy will also help them to improve their coordination and balance skills as they master pulling something behind them as they walk. An option like the one pictured is a fantastic option as it is made from natural materials and doesn’t include any distracting sounds and colors- it is quintessentially Montessori. Other electronic and battery-operated options can cause your child to lose focus as they work on their walking and coordination skills. Shop Here

    Vocabulary Cards

    Vocabulary Cards

    Before you know it, your little one is going to start shouting out all of the different words that they hear. These cards are a great activity for children as they begin to develop their language skills, and there are so many different options to choose from! Start introducing a variety of different vocabulary cards, including vehicles, foods, animals, and any other set that you think your child will love! The ones shown here are high contrast as it helps to grasp and hold your baby’s attention while they play. The great thing about this set is that it is suitable for children ages 0-36 months, so your baby can become more familiar and build upon their current understanding of language.

    Knobbed Puzzles

    Montessori Knobbed Puzzles

    Although wooden puzzles were mentioned in the earlier age groups for Montessori toy options, as your child gets older, it is important to introduce more advanced toys even if they have something similar. A knobbed puzzle toy like this adds the bonus of teaching them more about shapes while they play. As they go from the beginning to the later parts of this age group, you will see your child go from simply removing pieces to returning them back to their correct location on the board. Rather than cartoons, aim for realistic pictures and shapes to help them recognize and learn more about their daily lives. For beginners, circular shapes without edges can be easier for them to understand and interact with.

    Realistic Figures

    Realistic Figures

    You will start to notice that your child begins to engage with handheld toys around this age. It is common to see your child pick up action figures and make them interact with each other. Rather than choosing cartoon figures and other unrealistic, a few great options for children’s Montessori toys are animals, trucks, cars, trees, anything that they may experience and come into contact with the real world. Be sure to watch children with toys that have smaller parts. These toys not only help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination but they can also be used as vocabulary tools as you teach your children the corresponding word to each toy!

    Practical Life Montessori Toys

    Practical Life Montessori Toys

    These kinds of toys cover a wide range of options, but toys that mimic the objects and activities they see adults like you interacting with. You can choose from so many different toys that encourage practical life skills. These include kitchen sets, workbenches, toy food and cleaning supplies, brooms, and even grocery store sets. The kitchen set shown here is great for both boys and girls as they can mimic preparing food, cleaning dishes and cups, and explore their way around a kitchen. When considering other options, just be sure to choose toys that are made from as many natural materials as possible that don’t include any electronic components.

    Modeling Clay Toy Set

    Modeling Clay Toy Set

    These sets are fantastic for sensory play and exploration! This set, in particular, comes with a board made out of solid wood, dough tools, and all-natural clay. As your child plays with this set, it will promote cognitive growth, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and their imagination. While playing with this Montessori toy, your little one will get to mold, cut, roll, and stamp all of their ideas right into their clay.

    18+ Month Montessori Toys

    As your baby moves towards the eighteen-month mark, you will find that your baby has, in fact, turned into a toddler in what will seem like an overnight transformation. Your hands are going to be full with a very busy and fast-moving toddler, so now is the perfect time to keep their busy minds and bodies engaged! Your kids will really start to develop and advance so many of their skills, including social development, repetition, order, gross motor movement, practical life activities, language, and hand-eye coordination.

    Wood Nuts And Bolts

    Montessori Wood Nuts And Bolts

    There are many different nuts and bolt Montessori toys, and a simple wooden one is an excellent choice for young toddlers. This set encourages your toddler to advance their fine motor grasp as they twist and manipulate the nuts and bolts. As your child works with this toy, they will continue to develop their hand muscles and their dexterity, along with learning how to pick things up with both hands. This set includes a great selection of nuts and bolts, as well as flashcards that include patterns. As your child further develop their skills, they can try to mimic that patterns on the cards. We also have more advanced Nuts and Bolts Toys All the way up to the 49 piece chair designer kit

    Pikler Rocker or Climbing Arch

    👶 Because the Wooden Rainbow Rocker design empowers babies in climbing the furniture. Made from Polished birch plywood.

    👶 Because the Wooden Rainbow Rocker design empowers babies in climbing the furniture. Climbing equipment is an excellent idea for busy toddlers that can’t seem to sit still. These tiny jungle-gym-like structures are very popular in the Montessori community as they are simple, direct, and help your child work on one skill set while they play. The Pikler triangle or a climbing arch will allow your little one to explore movement while working on their gross motor skills and balance. They also look adorable in a bedroom or playroom, so that’s a plus! Order Here

    Alternative Climbing Triangle and Arch

    Why are our kids climbing set 4in1 a good choice for your kid?

    • It gives kids a place to climb and teaches how to do it safely
    • Promotes motor skills and strengthens limbs
    • By climbing and playing kids become braver and more curious
    • Allows babies to discover their own abilities step by step Click Here For Order Details

    Outdoor Garden Tool Set

    Outdoor Garden Tool Set

    If you like to spend time outside tending to your yard or garden, then this is a fantastic toy for your toddler as they try to get in on the action! As with all great Montessori toys, this set helps to work on your child’s gross motor development and teaches them practical life skills. These gardening tools encourage your child to play outside and learn about plants and nature. This set is 100% plastic-free with zero-waste packaging and includes a trowel, rake, spade shovel, plant labels, peat pots, a fabric tote bag, and a watering can.

    Stack And Sort Board

    Montessori Toy Stack And Sort Board

    Stack and sort boards are the evolution and advanced version of the stackers mentioned at the beginning of the post. As your little one plays with this toy, they will learn how to sort the pieces by color and shape. There are many ways to play with this Montessori toy to encourage hand0eye coordination. Of course, they can try to stack the pieces onto the rods according to shapes and colors, or you can join in on their playtime and ask them to hand you a specific block.

    Scoot Around Bike

    Montessori Toy Scoot Around Bike

    A scoot around bike is a fantastic way to help your child stay active while they play inside, but it’s perfect for outdoor use too! This one is made with all-natural wood and rubberized wheels. As your baby plays with this bike, they will improve their motor skill development and their strength. Short rides help to develop muscle strength and your child’s balance. This is an excellent option for kids who are beginning to test their mobility, as well as their active motor skills.

    Natural Wooden Blocks

    Natural Wooden Blocks

    Toys help to improve your baby’s senses, and they will be totally engrossed in these blocks as they feel the smooth, wooden texture and experience the smell of the natural wood. Wooden blocks are a Montessori staple as they help to improve dexterity and inspire creativity. As your child creates unique masterpieces, their imagination is going to run wild. This set is also great for teaching your toddler how to identify various shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.


    Montessori Books

    Books are not only powerful learning tools, but they are also full of wonderful stories and beautiful pictures. These stories and vibrant and engaging visuals entice your growing toddler to interact with and learn from the words and pictures. Books also present a special bonding experience between parents and their children as we sit close to them and share the stories from the page. There are countless options when it comes to choosing books to fill your child’s at-home library. For the purpose of a Montessori approach, opt for book choices that introduce realistic subjects and ideas.

    24+ Month Montessori Toys

    As toddlers get older, it can actually be a bit more difficult to find as many toys to keep them occupied. After all, their little personalities are beginning to develop, and they start to develop stronger opinions about what they and do not like. However, if your child is entering into this age group, they still have so many wonderful skills and abilities that they will continue to develop and grow! Your toddler is going to keep refining their hand-eye coordination, their grasp, and as I am sure you have begun to notice, their vocabulary and language have begun to expand rapidly. This period is particularly exciting as your little one is going to explore their self-expression through music and art.

    Wooden Geoboard

    Wooden Geoboard

    At this age, some children are able to coordinate their actions well enough to pull elastic bands over pegs. This Montessori toy, which is much more like an activity, helps them to really refine their skills as they learn to make patterns with the elastics. This geoboard comes with 35 different pattern cards to help spark the imagination and a package of latex bands to help your toddler follow along.

    A Learning Tower

    Montessori Learning Tower

    A learning tower is an amazing toy to have around for your curious toddler. While there are plenty of different uses for this toy, but my favorite way to use it is to have it in the kitchen. This way, your child can join in on activities such as cooking, baking, preparing meals, and washing dishes. This toy is a natural evolution from the days of having a toddler’s kitchen set, so your child will get to take skills that they have been practicing and apply them to their real-life experiences.

    Stacking Stones

    Stacking Stones

    Once your child has mastered their wooden blocks, feel free to incorporate stacking stones into their toy collection. These wooden stones will help your little one learn more about balancing, building, and stacking. Because their edges are not perfectly flat, it requires your child to work a little bit harder to figure out how to make the blocks stay stacked. The set has 36 pieces that are all different shapes, sizes, and colors to keep your kiddo engaged for hours. Shop Here

    Color  Pegboard Building Puzzles

    Montessori Color Pegboard Building Puzzles

    If you haven’t yet noticed, many of the Montessori toys that are intended for older toddlers are advanced versions of more basic toys, just like this puzzle! This toy is usually best suited for children who are three years and older. This Montessori puzzle helps your little one learn how to grab, stack, build, tap, and create fun and exciting structures with their puzzle pieces. As your child continues to grow, they can use the pieces for counting, math concepts and are fantastic as a travel toy!

    Buttons Dressing Frame

    Buttons Dressing Frame

    Toddlers and young preschoolers like to start doing things on their own as they begin to discover their independence and desire to act like the adults that they see around them. A button dressing frame outfitted with fabric and small buttons helps them to practice their skills related to dressing themselves. Made out of beechwood and cloth, there is no need to worry about any harmful materials with this toy. This frame is perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and early development.

    Wood Lacing Sneaker

    Montessori Toy Wood Lacing Sneaker

    Sooner or later, your child is going to start wearing big-boy and big-girl shoes with laces. Sure we take care of this task for our children in the beginning, but having a toy that helps them learn how to do it on their own is a fantastic way to encourage them to learn this necessary skill. A shoe toy like this lacing sneaker is made with a sturdy material that will allow your child to learn how to lace up and tie a shoe without too much movement or instability from a real shoe or sneaker.

    Magnetic Dry Erase Game

    Magnetic Dry Erase Game

    This magnetic dry erase board set includes over 70 colorful wooden pieces that stick directly to the board and are farm-themed. It also is a double-sided board with one side boasting a dry erase board and the other a chalkboard – double the fun! Since this toy has small parts, it is not recommended for children who still have a habit of chewing on toys or putting objects into their mouths. But children who are three years or older will have so much fun exploring their imaginations with all of the realistic pieces and amazing creations they can draw with their dry erase markers and chalk.

    Montessori Lock Box Toy

    Montessori Lock Box

    You will be surprised by how delighted and fascinated your toddler is with locks and door handles! Playing with this educational toy helps your little one to recognize shapes, colors and even assists in developing their hands-on ability. They will learn how to open, close, lock, and unlock various different locks the correct way. This toy is typically recommended for children over the age of three. Another great thing about this toy is that you can bring it along on trips and car rides. It doesn’t include many extra pieces, so you don’t have to worry about anything spilling out into your car or on a plane seat. Learn More

    Sorting Pie

    Sorting Pie

    The visually stimulating toy also doubles as a game! As a Montessori toy, this sorting pie teaches early number skills, problem-solving, visual processing, and how to recognize patterns. As your little one uses the jumbo tweezer to pick and place mini fruit pieces, they will engage their fine motor skills, such as the fine motor pincer grasp. This toy also includes a spinner with visuals to help your child begin to recognize visual cues!

    Montessori Toys 36+ Month

    As your little one nears the three-year and above mark, they are really starting to get a strong grasp on all of the different skills and competencies that they have been developing over the previous few years. Your three-year-old is becoming more independent as they develop an eagerness to explore and understand the world around them. This is when introducing practical skills toys can help them continue to build on top of their existing skills while fostering their newfound independence.

    Age-Appropriate Activity Pads

    Montessori Toy Guide

    One great thing about activity and learning notepads is that there are so many to choose from. Many of these activity books focus on introducing simple learning skills, while others, like the Melissa And Doug Scissor Set, help develop other necessary skills. This pad makes it easier for your child to mature their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills.

    Wooden Marble Tree Run

    Wooden Marble Tree Run

    This colorful and tactile skill game helps your toddler develop their fine motor skills and learn more about how objects interact with each other. Your little one will play by stacking and balancing trees. This is a great toy for independent play or having fun with others! Made with all-natural materials, you can rest easy knowing that your kiddo isn’t exposed to any harmful chemicals while they enjoy their game. More Info

    Wooden Dough Tools Set

    Montessori Toy Guide

    This toy is the perfect pairing with some colorful clay or modeling dough. Your child gets to explore cutting, shaping, rolling, and sculpting with eleven bright-colored, pattern-making tools. With so much hands-on activity, this toy is great for interactive play that helps to engage and develop your little one’s fine motor skills.

    Standing Art Easel

    Montessori Toy Guide

    Now that your little one has grown a few inches, they are tall enough to reach the board of an easel. Your child will enjoy hours of inspirational creativity as they paint, draw, and explore their artistic side. There are many different easels to choose from, and this Melissa and Doug Easel includes a dry erase board, chalkboard, grip clips, plastic trays to hold supplies, and a paper-roller holder.

    Wooden Shape Sorting Cube

    Montessori Toy Guide 009

    As your child gets older, they will start to identify colors, shapes, and other common patterns around them. This toy helps them further learn about shapes and how they compare to each other, as well as colors. This creative sorting game is an excellent way to engage your child as they match each shape to the corresponding hole. Shop Here

    Prewriting Moto Skills Set

    This set does an amazing job at helping your child begin to develop their writing skills. These templates included in this kit model the motions necessary to form the letters that your children will begin to learn in pre-k and kindergarten. These easy-to-use boards help your little one’s fine motor skills and are common core-friendly!

    Montessori-Friendly Phone Apps

    While the Montessori approach emphasizes educational playtime without using electronic toys with lights and sounds, any parent who is constantly on the go knows that sometimes a little entertainment is necessary to keep a lively child calm while you are out and about. However, this does not mean a baby or toddler can’t use the opportunity to learn a few things while they interact with your smartphone or tablet. Here are a few Montessori-friendly preschool and kindergarten apps to help keep your child engaged and entertained while you take care of business.

    Kids Academy

    This app has over 5,000 preschool learning activities that include animated videos, interactive stories, songs, puzzles, worksheets, and educational games. With an emphasis on core subjects, your child will learn skills related to literacy, reading, writing, math, and language. Download Here!

    Preschool Games

    This app is an excellent learning tool for preschoolers aged four and up. This interactive and educational app encourages learning of letters, colors, numbers, shapes, and pattern recognition. Download Here!


    ABCmouse focuses on core curriculum subjects such as math, reading, social studies, and basic science. With hundreds of interactive games, your child will stay engaged as they completed art games, reading games, alphabet games, and more! Download Here!

    Preschool Math

    Preschool Math – Math Galaxy is a math-based app for preschool-age children. It guides them through unique mathematical topics and lets them learn at their own pace. Covering math concepts such as numbers, shapes, addition, and subtraction, this app makes learning math fun for your toddler! Download Here!

    Reading Eggs

    Reading Eggs is an app that helps younger children learn how to read by beginning to develop their basic skills. The app was designed based on scientific research and with the help of literacy experts. With over 2,000 digital storybooks, your little one can begin to build their reading skills while having fun! Free Trial Download Here!


    Edudadoo is an app that teaches your children a variety of early skills that are perfectly aligned with preschool-aged children. Activities found on this app focus on skills related to vocabulary, creativity, and speech. Best suited for little ones who are three years or older, this app is available on all platforms. Download Here!


    KidloLand is an award-winning app geared towards preschoolers. It includes an incredible number of activities such as 2000 educational songs, stories, games, and nursery rhymes, as well as 400 educational activities and 200 math-related games that build skills like counting, shapes, and sorting. Download Here!

    PBS Kids Games

    PBS Kids Game app includes over 90 free preschool games joined by your kid’s favorite PBS characters. This mini-game collection teaches music, math, creativity, and more. Your child will be entertained and engaged for hours while they play. Download Here!


    LetterSchool is an app that helps your child develop their handwriting skills. Little ones will learn how to write letters, both upper and lower case, and numbers from one to ten. Your kids will spend plenty of time on this app as they learn how to work on their letters, numbers, and handwriting through a fun and engaging app. Download Here!

    Zoolingo Preschool Games

    Zoolingo offers hundreds of activities, games, and puzzles to preschool-aged kids. These educational games teach numbers, letters, counting, shapes, colors, spelling, math, and so much more. The games are easy to play and great practice for little ones who will be attending school soon. Download Here!

    Final Thoughts

    Montessori toys are fantastic for helping your child successfully develop many of the skills and capabilities that they will take with them through the rest of their lives. These simple toys prove that playtime can do without distracting lights and electrical components and still be fun, engaging, and long-lasting. As you become more familiar with the Montessori method and accompanying toys, you will be able to identify Montessori-friendly toys on your own! A few important things to remember is that the toy should be made with as many natural materials as possible, serve an educational purpose, and seek to engage rather than simply entertain your child.

    Discover The Montessori Bedroom Design For Your Toddler

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